Friday, March 22, 2013

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric.

Like most quilters, I have a little bit of a fabric addiction. My order from Fat Quarter Shop arrived two days ago and I'm in love. I can't bear to take the stuff out of it's packaging - I just want to look it - all lovely and arranged... it truly is a site to behold:

beautiful fabric ---- oooooooh!

I did start laying out some granny squares from my Flirt mini charm pack:



I like how they are turning out so far. I don't have too many more mini charms, so I can't make anymore of these, but I will get more, and three blocks would make a lovely table runner. I'm going to start sewing that tonight.

I'm also thinking about what to do with the squares I've received so far from the Simply Modern Bee:

five, March Simply Modern Bee blocks

 I was thinking about doing a big, granny square layout. I would just have to make two more blocks (since you need 13 for a granny square). I think that would look awesome. I can't wait for my other blocks to show up. Do people often flake out on the bees? This is my first one. I already made all my blocks and sent them off because I was worried about being a slacker. Oh well! I can only hope I don't have to make a ton more of these to finish my quilt.

I also signed up for a fat quarter swap. You may want to sign up, too. Find the info in my sidebar.

Sew on!

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