Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lazy Sunday

On Sunday mornings, I like to relax with my coffee and some Pinterest obsessing and plan out all of the things that I want to make. Does anyone else get so overwhelmed by Pinning all the things that you want to make and not actually make anything? There's so much! So many great ideas. So many innovative techniques. So. Much. Beauty. It's a mind swirl.

Last week I started knitting a pair of toe-up socks with Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel. I didn't make these zebra socks shown on the pattern book, but definitely something that is calling me (I just Pinned it - the obsession continues).

Aren't these AWESOME?   

I just picked up some gorgeous, cheap, sport weight wool yesterday and #2 circulars for my next big project, the Double Heelix socks:

This pattern has daunted me for years and the other day I looked it up and, to my surprise, it made some sense. My heelix socks will be periwinkle/yellow and black/lime green. I think I'm gonna make a pair for Penelope, too. I hope the nature spun sport yarn works well and knits up soft for our tootsies.

I have been obsessing about quilts and haven't done much sewing other than some bee blocks in the last month. I really want to make:

  1. A log cabin quilt
  2. a flying geese quilt
  3. a snail's trail quilt
  4. a storm at sea quilt
  5. a drunkard's path quilt
  6. a monkey wrench quilt
  7. a quilt with a leaf motif
  8. a plus quilt
  9. a union jack quilt
  10. and the list goes on...

So many quilts, so little time.

I have also just taken on a ton of new work at my job. One of the event coordinators has left and I've inherited all of her conferences. October - November weekends will be completely insane. I will probably get some knitting accomplished but I can't take my sewing machine with me (too bad). I suppose this will be the year of knitted gifts.

Make something today!



Monday, July 28, 2014

Making and Doing and not making and not doing

It's hard to have a full-time job and be a full-time mom. I'm really discovering that now. It's really, extra hard to find time to do any crafting, whatsoever.

I'm trying to remedy that as stitching is something that relaxes me and enhances my life.

I have been doing more knitting, lately. Knitting is so easy to carry with me. I have yet to find a more practical, portable project than a sock or a hat. I also love knitting in public. I get so many comments and excited looks that it just satisfies that performer in me. I do a lot of knitting at work, on breaks, at lunch and when I can get away with it, at webinars at my desk. I just started a pair of toe-up socks and can't wait to try Cat Bordhi's Sweet Tomato Heel.

I have also managed a bit of time for the odd sewing project. I made a tote bag for my mother-in-law as a gift when she came to visit at the end of May. It turned out okay. I drew my own pattern and it was a little wonky on one side, but... hey... it's an original.

I recently joined a quilting bee: We Bee With It and this month's assignment was scrappy Greek Cross blocks. Here's how they turned out:

I can't wait to make more - I knew that joining a bee would force me to turn on the sewing machine at least once a month. I apparently need that kind of outside motivation to do something that I love to do. Sad.

I can't wait to have more to blog about. I'm gonna try to link up to some folks later, if I can remember how.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Goal Setting

Okay, so... A lot has happened since I posted last month. I started back to work. I wasn't really planning on going back now, but it just happened that a great opportunity appeared and I couldn't turn my back on it.

On the sewing front, I didn't do anything last month. I don't think I got my machine out once in March with the exception of trying to fix my daughter's teeny, tiny Elsa skirt and mangling it completely.

This month I will finish my single girl quilt. Maybe it should be called procrastination girl. I can't wait to cuddle up with it once it's finished. That's going to have to be the inspiration that I need to get it done.

I want to start some projects, I was going to make a quilt for a family member that I've been meaning to do something nice for. I did promise her a quilt this year, so I really shouldn't squelch - seeing as I already said something to her about it.

Okay... So, I'm gonna finish up the single girl. I really will. I promise.


Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goal Setting

This month I'm finally going to finish my Single Girl quilt. I was calling it Lazy girl, but I might have to change that to Procrastination Girl since it has taken me quite a while to get it finished. I have the whole top pieced and the main part of the backing cut and the batting cut. I just have to piece a section onto the back and make the sandwich and quilt that sucker and bind and then... then, I will be finished! I can't wait to have my own quilt to snuggle on the sofa with.

Set your goals for the month and don't forget to link up at the Lovely Year of Finishes.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

A February Finish!!!

My first finish of the year. I remember it fondly.... it was a few weeks ago, February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. I had been planning to post about it when it happened, but I had a special date with my husband and the girl was going to her Bubbe's house for the evening.
wearing my heart on the wall

I love how it turned out. It's so scrappy - not a style that I usually work in, but I had purchased a lot of charms when I first started out, that I haven't been using, so I thought I would make something with them that I could have to look at, seeing as I like these fabrics so, so much. I did add some words in the quilting. Along the top and bottom edges there are English words like "love" and "kiss me" and on the left and right edges there are French and Spanish words like "j'taime" and "te amo" "da me un beso". I really enjoyed making this my own.

Linking up with the Lovely Year of Finishes.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lacking focus - Lacking enthusiasm

I've been lacking focus lately. I have about four projects in the works that I haven't been working on. I have about three books that I'm reading and not finishing. I keep looking at Pinterest and want to make new things, more things, better things... And now I'm obsessed with LATTE ART!

Beautiful Rosetta

I have a fancy espresso machine and make a nice latte everyday, but I just haven't had the patience to learn to make pictures in my coffee - but I want to. Watching YouTube last night only got me more obsessed. I hope it wears off soon, because I really need to get to finishing some quilts.

I picked up some fabrics on Saturday to finish my heart and lazy girl backs/bindings. I think I have enough batting to finish. I hope to post photos of those on WIP Wednesday. I hope to start quilting on those today.

As a life long battler with insomnia, I have been getting to sleep unusually early and getting enough sleep for the last few weeks - I think it has something to do with drastically cutting down on my sugar and processed food intake. It's amazing how little caffeine I need, as well. I haven't been able to go through a drive-thru because my driver's side window is broken - that has made a huge difference in my life. Not being able to grab some unhealthy, sugary, caffeine-loaded, albeit, delicious snack when I'm driving my four-year-old around the city is just about the best thing that ever happened - ever!

So, today I will continue on my quest to get some sewing in and also for the perfection of microfoam for the top of my latte.

I hope you can get some work(fun) in today, too.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

A short month, and a lot of projects that I want to work on, with, hopefully, a few finishes.

I still need to finish up my lazy girl quilt - since it's for me, I'm not in a hurry, but it would be nice to have it completed. I did add some scrappy flying geese to two sides and I'm trying to decide what to use as a border for the whole quilt - I wasn't intending to add a border, but it kinda needs it.

I started some x&+ blocks today, and I'm quite pleased with how they are turning out.

The only thing that I'm not liking is that I wish I had cut some different fabrics. I have enough for nine blocks, but it has occurred to me that I may need to exchange some fabrics for others and I probably want to have about 35 of these blocks for a quilt. Not sure yet, though. 

I'm really enjoying making flying geese and I also want to make some more bags. I just need to purchase some lobster clips. I haven't been able to get them from any of the fabric shops that I frequent or Wal-Mart. What's up with that? Oh well.

I have to finish up some bee blocks that I'm behind on and I'm not going to commit to any bees this year. I did sign up for a swap, since I've only done a couple of fabric swaps - this is a pin cushion swap, so I'm kinda excited to see what I get and what I make. I am totally up to making things for swaps and hope to do some more this year.

That's all for today. Gotta get the girl outta the bath and the pizza outta the oven. YUM!

Make something, today.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January 2014 goals

I missed posting my goals on the Lovely Year of Finishes - I missed January last year, too.  I decided to hold myself to making, at least, one quilt a month. This month, I would like to complete my lazy girl quilt.
These are the circles before I sewed them together.

Trying out different layouts.

I really enjoyed making these ring segments. My problem is that the quilt isn't as large as I would like it. I want to be able to snuggle under it on the sofa. I'm going to make some flying geese blocks to be the border.

It's so great to see all the scraps of things that I've made through the years.

I hope that I can finish this quilt this month. I'm also working on starting some other quilts to help my monthly finishes. It's a lot of fun to challenge myself to finish some works.

In more personal matters, I've given up sugar this month - it has been difficult, but not impossible. It's been two weeks today and I've only had one minor cheat - I had a bite of cake. It was chocolate mousse cake so it really couldn't be avoided. Linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday.

Make something awesome today!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sistah's got a brand new bag!

I'm a little behind in my X-mas sewing. I just finished my sister's present. I've decided that I'm not going to be ruled by the calendar anymore (at least that's what I'm telling everyone). She got an ipad air and I made her a cute, little, zippered, sleeping bag for it and a messenger bag for her to put that into, too.

I love this fabric, Piper by Dear Stella, I mean, these colors? C'mon. Gorgeous. My sister loves purple, orange and green - I usually buy fabric for her around Halloween time. The green on the inside is a different line and I also had to use the glasses from Geekly Chic - so geeky and awesome. I used straight line quilting to add interest and the pattern is... well, there is no pattern. I made both items from my mind. I did look at some patterns and other designs, of course, but I didn't use a pattern to construct the bags. I just need to iron the whole thing and have her come and pick it up.

As I was struggling with making an adjustable strap, I found ChrisW Designs blog and her Bag Brag Tuesday posts. Great blog about bags - I enjoyed checking out all of the tutorials and there was a lot of helpful posts there, check it out. I will be linking up to her and to Sew Much Ado's We Did It Wednesday. I'll probably link up to Crazy Mom on Friday, too - since it is a finish (Whoo-hoo!!)

Make something today!


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