Monday, March 3, 2014

March Goal Setting

This month I'm finally going to finish my Single Girl quilt. I was calling it Lazy girl, but I might have to change that to Procrastination Girl since it has taken me quite a while to get it finished. I have the whole top pieced and the main part of the backing cut and the batting cut. I just have to piece a section onto the back and make the sandwich and quilt that sucker and bind and then... then, I will be finished! I can't wait to have my own quilt to snuggle on the sofa with.

Set your goals for the month and don't forget to link up at the Lovely Year of Finishes.



  1. you are so nearly there, and it is going to be so pretty :-)

  2. Looks like a great quilt is about to be finished!
    Changing the topic...can you get in touch with me, please, about the skinny pinnie swap? I've been trying to email you. Not sure if my messages have gone through, with your new email address. Thanks!


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