Thursday, February 27, 2014

A February Finish!!!

My first finish of the year. I remember it fondly.... it was a few weeks ago, February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. I had been planning to post about it when it happened, but I had a special date with my husband and the girl was going to her Bubbe's house for the evening.
wearing my heart on the wall

I love how it turned out. It's so scrappy - not a style that I usually work in, but I had purchased a lot of charms when I first started out, that I haven't been using, so I thought I would make something with them that I could have to look at, seeing as I like these fabrics so, so much. I did add some words in the quilting. Along the top and bottom edges there are English words like "love" and "kiss me" and on the left and right edges there are French and Spanish words like "j'taime" and "te amo" "da me un beso". I really enjoyed making this my own.

Linking up with the Lovely Year of Finishes.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lacking focus - Lacking enthusiasm

I've been lacking focus lately. I have about four projects in the works that I haven't been working on. I have about three books that I'm reading and not finishing. I keep looking at Pinterest and want to make new things, more things, better things... And now I'm obsessed with LATTE ART!

Beautiful Rosetta

I have a fancy espresso machine and make a nice latte everyday, but I just haven't had the patience to learn to make pictures in my coffee - but I want to. Watching YouTube last night only got me more obsessed. I hope it wears off soon, because I really need to get to finishing some quilts.

I picked up some fabrics on Saturday to finish my heart and lazy girl backs/bindings. I think I have enough batting to finish. I hope to post photos of those on WIP Wednesday. I hope to start quilting on those today.

As a life long battler with insomnia, I have been getting to sleep unusually early and getting enough sleep for the last few weeks - I think it has something to do with drastically cutting down on my sugar and processed food intake. It's amazing how little caffeine I need, as well. I haven't been able to go through a drive-thru because my driver's side window is broken - that has made a huge difference in my life. Not being able to grab some unhealthy, sugary, caffeine-loaded, albeit, delicious snack when I'm driving my four-year-old around the city is just about the best thing that ever happened - ever!

So, today I will continue on my quest to get some sewing in and also for the perfection of microfoam for the top of my latte.

I hope you can get some work(fun) in today, too.

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Goals

A short month, and a lot of projects that I want to work on, with, hopefully, a few finishes.

I still need to finish up my lazy girl quilt - since it's for me, I'm not in a hurry, but it would be nice to have it completed. I did add some scrappy flying geese to two sides and I'm trying to decide what to use as a border for the whole quilt - I wasn't intending to add a border, but it kinda needs it.

I started some x&+ blocks today, and I'm quite pleased with how they are turning out.

The only thing that I'm not liking is that I wish I had cut some different fabrics. I have enough for nine blocks, but it has occurred to me that I may need to exchange some fabrics for others and I probably want to have about 35 of these blocks for a quilt. Not sure yet, though. 

I'm really enjoying making flying geese and I also want to make some more bags. I just need to purchase some lobster clips. I haven't been able to get them from any of the fabric shops that I frequent or Wal-Mart. What's up with that? Oh well.

I have to finish up some bee blocks that I'm behind on and I'm not going to commit to any bees this year. I did sign up for a swap, since I've only done a couple of fabric swaps - this is a pin cushion swap, so I'm kinda excited to see what I get and what I make. I am totally up to making things for swaps and hope to do some more this year.

That's all for today. Gotta get the girl outta the bath and the pizza outta the oven. YUM!

Make something, today.



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