Monday, February 10, 2014

Lacking focus - Lacking enthusiasm

I've been lacking focus lately. I have about four projects in the works that I haven't been working on. I have about three books that I'm reading and not finishing. I keep looking at Pinterest and want to make new things, more things, better things... And now I'm obsessed with LATTE ART!

Beautiful Rosetta

I have a fancy espresso machine and make a nice latte everyday, but I just haven't had the patience to learn to make pictures in my coffee - but I want to. Watching YouTube last night only got me more obsessed. I hope it wears off soon, because I really need to get to finishing some quilts.

I picked up some fabrics on Saturday to finish my heart and lazy girl backs/bindings. I think I have enough batting to finish. I hope to post photos of those on WIP Wednesday. I hope to start quilting on those today.

As a life long battler with insomnia, I have been getting to sleep unusually early and getting enough sleep for the last few weeks - I think it has something to do with drastically cutting down on my sugar and processed food intake. It's amazing how little caffeine I need, as well. I haven't been able to go through a drive-thru because my driver's side window is broken - that has made a huge difference in my life. Not being able to grab some unhealthy, sugary, caffeine-loaded, albeit, delicious snack when I'm driving my four-year-old around the city is just about the best thing that ever happened - ever!

So, today I will continue on my quest to get some sewing in and also for the perfection of microfoam for the top of my latte.

I hope you can get some work(fun) in today, too.

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