Thursday, March 14, 2013

Two starts/finishes for March already

So... I've already started and finished two projects this month. I'm super excited. I'm finally getting the hang of managing my home and my work and my hobby. Well, I say that today, because I've been quite productive - that could all go to hell next month, or tomorrow even. Anyway, here are photos of my recent accomplishments:

Hexie pillow top with hand quilting

putting together exploded star w/cat butt

finished exploded star top
The hexie pillow is actually completed, I just don't have a photo of the finished pillow yet and the exploded star quilt is sandwiched and I will begin the quilting tonight - I'm planning to give this to my uncle for his 50th birthday on Saturday - I hope I can finish this in time so that I will actually give it to him.

Now go and make stuff!


  1. Hi Green! Please give me a way to contact you so I can discuss your interest in using my block for your bee. (Easiest way to do this is email me via my blogger profile.) Thanks!

  2. Love the concept of the exploded star top! Is that an original pattern?

    1. Thanks, Nancy. No, not original, I think it's called a deconstructed star, I just don't always remember that. I've seen the pattern floating around the net for a few years now and always wanted to make one. I used a charm pack for the background squares (5") and a mini charm pack/and other 2.5" squares for the corner pieces. I wish I had made it larger, but my idea was to use 50 squares.


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