Friday, September 6, 2013


I'm obsessed with Barbies. My daughter and I went to Joann's yesterday and my mother's house and picked up a whole mess of fabrics and trims to make Barbie clothes. I have been studying up on YouTube and think I have figured out how to make most things. I'm firing up the sewing machine right now.

I was thinking about having a Barbie clothes blog hop. If ya'll are interested, I'll set it up and get some prizes and we'll have a rockin' Barbie kinda time.

Happy Friday! Make some stuff.


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  1. I have my Barbie Doll from when I was 12...I am now 63. That makes my Barbie about 50ish! She is a redhead with a "bob" hair do and came dressed in "Dutch Girl" clothes. I have a bunch of clothes for her. Maybe I will dig her out of storage and play again!


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