Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday - Working day

I got some sewing done. Finally. I finished up this month's bee blocks (Simply Solids and Bee(ful) of Paper. Here they are in all their finished and ready to be mailed off glory:

star for paper piecing bee

window pane block for Simply Solids

I didn't have trouble with the paper pieced block this month, but I did struggle with the solids block. I didn't think about making my pieces large enough the first day I worked on it, so I did some rethinking and this is what the result is. I actually have a ton of pieces that are cut off, slabs as it were, of this block hanging out in my scrap box. Basically, 90% of this block is new work. I sure hope Queenie likes it. I also hope that no one else in my group wants this kind of block because it wasn't fun for me at all.

I'm ready to finish up my garden fence quilt. I'm going to be piecing the back and making the sandwich tonight and it should be ready for quilting and a big finish on Friday - that's the plan, anyway.

I got to go and make the dinner. It's meatloaf, smashed potatoes and broccoli tonight. YUM!

Take care of yourself and make some stuff.



  1. Both of your blocks look fabulous, Green! I especially love the fabrics you used for that paper pieced beauty!

  2. the solids block may have been hard work but it looks amazing :-)

  3. I have a cold and that meal sounds like just what I need!

  4. Gorgeous blocks especially the star, the fabrics work so well together :)


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