Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My name is Green and I'm a slacker

Or, I'm just lazy - I don't know. When the Autumn crispness starts to hit the air, I get, like, Fall fever. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I love the contrast in the weather that we get around in New Mexico. The sun is out and shining and hot, but the air is fresh and cool. It is really the very best season here. Also, the smell of roasting Hatch chile everywhere is intoxicating. I always carry a jacket with me and I start to want to knit. And knit. And knit.

I love sewing, don't get me wrong. I just am not the best at it yet and so knitting is so comforting and zen for me that I just start looking for yarn and new projects to knit. I love to wear hats - so do my husband and daughter - so I knit a lot of hats. While searching for yarn in my backyard apartment this morning, I found two completed hats and one that was just about finished and then abandoned (I think the head part was too short to fit). I'm always so surprised when I find these knitted pieces that I started and cannot remember a thing about starting them. Why did I put them aside? Why didn't I finish it? If it's finished, why is it in a bag in the closet of the outside apartment? Crazy. Anyway...

I found this houndstooth mitt pattern and am going to start working on a set of these today. I still have to finish up some other sewing projects and have a few starts in my head - I'm a little bit obsessed with houndstooth today. Also, I need to make something for Barbie storage/carrying. My daughter got five Barbie dolls over the weekend. My mom got them for her from the flea market. She already had two, but Lulu has been trying to eat them since they have become a favorite (always out in the open) the last few weeks. Doctor Barbie's left hand underwent a finger amputation to which my daughter told me, "Mom, that was Barbie's favorite hand." I'm thinking about making a Barbie-roll. I think it could be cute and look like a multi-doll sleeping bag. The only Barbie that won't fit is the snow princess (a.k.a. Queen Barbie) because her dress is too big. She may have to have her own, special carrier. She is the Queen, so it should be okay.

Make some stuff today!


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  1. It HAS to be September slump. I swear I wrote this post today too.

    I am interested in your Barbie sleeping bag idea! With little snap, velcro, or zip pockets for the little accessories, maybe?

    Those houndstooth handwarmers are darling. I hope you will cast on and do them!


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