Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday - work day

So... I'm still reeling from the dog bed I made last week. I put it on the floor and Lulu, The Golden Menace, ate the zipper right off - just destroyed the zipper pull and started ripping the teeth off the zipper as well. She hasn't destroyed it any further, but it doesn't zip up any more so I will have to replace the zipper - I guess I should only use metal zips for the goat dog.

I got my beautiful jelly rolls from The Fat Quarter Shop and started working on some more tablet covers. They are really such a great size project and I have been able to work on my free-motion quilting.

strip sets in action

quilted tablet covers

Simply Style tablet cover

Road 15 tablet cover

Geekly Chic tablet cover

back of Simply Style

back of Road 15

back of Geekly Chic
I received my labels in the mail yesterday from Ananemone so I'm all set to add that lovely little detail to my works.  I wanted to talk about Ananemone, too.  I ordered my labels on Monday afternoon and they arrived on Wednesday morning. I was so pleased to get them so quickly. They look fabulous, too. I can't wait to use them. A wonderful shop that I highly recommend.

My mother-in-law has hip replacement surgery next week, so I want to make her a little relaxation gift of a flax sleep eye pillow, a reusable, aromatherapy hot pack and a reusable, aromatherapy cold pack. I will also put a few other goodies in the box. I was planning to go and help take care of her, but she has so many lovely friends that have volunteered their time to help her that I know she will be in good hands. I just have to teach her to Skype before next Wednesday so that we'll be able to talk face-to-face.

My daughter asked me to make her a crown for her to wear for ballet and some fairy wings. I will work on that in the next few days, too.

I've also been contemplating what type of schedule we need to have to facilitate some preschool type learning at home. I don't want her to go to school right now, but I feel like we could benefit from some more structured learning at home. If ya'll know of any resources for that online, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Happy Thursday!!! Linking up to Needle & Thread Thursday.



  1. If you find preschool resources, I hope you'll interrupt the usual sewing blog programming and share them. I feel the same: I'm not ready for Lucy to be away from home long enough to, say, eat lunch (or nap, whew buddy) but she needs something to keep stretching her little brain.

    I had to replace a zipper immediately after I installed it this week too (I think it was faulty right out of the package). Miserable, demoralizing. I commiserate!!

  2. You know I love these tablet covers, Green! Your FMQ looks amazing on these, too!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. Your FMQ looks amazing and those tablet covers are going to be just gorgeous :-)

  4. My daughter asked me to make her a crown for her to wear for ballet and some fairy wings. I will work on that in the next few days, too. Goedkope tablet covers


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