Thursday, August 8, 2013

My dog is a goat

I have a new puppy. She has been with us since April. She is  a beautiful German Shepherd/Golden Retriever cross. Her name is Lulu. She eats everything. She has eaten three pairs of flip flops, slippers, lots and lots of wood, blankets, any toys that she gets and now she has started eating my knitting. She ate the gorgeous, hand-dyed wool tablet sleeve I made for my mother in law. She ate three hand-knit socks. She ate the needles from the second attempt at a tablet sleeve. She ate the cable from the 40" circulars I bought to knit toe-up, two-at-a-time socks (the sock made it out in tact).  I don't know what to do? So far, the only toy that seems (mostly) indestructible is a felted wool mat that I made. Originally, it was part of a blanket I knit for my daughter when I was pregnant. I washed it and the two sides didn't fit anymore. I took it apart and  gave the felted half to the cat as a kind of cat nip, relaxing mat. Once Lulu saw this mat, she wanted it. I ended up giving it to her because I didn't want to knit a new one and the cat doesn't care about stuff like that. Lulu has eaten the edges off of it a little, but it seems to be holding up pretty well. Being smart, like I am, I decided to knit her a bone shaped toy the same way that I made the mat - three strands of wool yarn - but this time, I knit it in the round and sewed it up when it was finished - this will make a thicker felted shape. I really think this is the toy that she won't destroy immediately. There is no stuffing in it because she loves to find a vulnerable place on the toy and pull the stuffing out. Here's hoping she won't eat it right away.

I also made a cute little pincushion yesterday using this tutorial.

knit dog toy before felting.

cute cathedral window pincushion before adding button center.

my cute, mostly finished projects.
Now, go make some stuff and hopefully, your dog won't eat it.



  1. Oh my, you have a LOT of patience!! I wonder if your vet could give any helpful advice with the chewing...
    At least you have a good attitude :)

  2. I think dogs just need to grow out of chewing. Maybe check some Ceasar Milan puppy training books. Good luck with the new toy I hope it works! Can we see a picture of miss Lulu?

  3. haha! I can totally relate about the puppy! Our first puppy ate lots of things too, including a door jamb, and a solid oak headboard! Hopefully this toy will keep her properly occupied. It's really cute, and so is the pincushion!

    Thank you so much for sharing this at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. And now I officially will never get a dog ;)


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