Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Decisions, decisions

While reading some blogs the other day, I discovered a QAL that I thought I might like to participate in: The Star Surround QAL hosted by Melissa Corry at Happy Quilting. I would be getting a little bit of a late start, but if I chose to make the 40" blocks and make four of them, there's not too much cutting or piecing and at the end I'm eligible for lots of sweet prizes and I have a really decent sized quilt to keep or sell or whatever. Now, I'm having a dilemma of what fabrics to use. I would love if I had some yardage hanging around of some of my favorites, but I usually don't buy yards at a time. Lately I have been rethinking my fabric buying strategy. I've been thinking about moving to buying half yard cuts instead of just fat quarters.  But I can see now that it would benefit me to buy whole yards of some of my favorites. I wish I had some Madrona Road hanging around - that morning glory print KILLS me (in a good way). So... I have to decide what colors/fabrics to use. I think I've decided on a color palette - I was madly posting design seeds palettes to my pinterest yesterday. I also want to use a color for the background instead of white. I think it would be fun to use some of the Michael Miller Couture Cottons as background in some really saturated  color, like orange or lime. I need seven yards of fabric total for the top.

I'm really thinking about doing it. I like the pattern and I was checking out Melissa's tutorial on making no-waste flying geese units. It is truly inspired. If I only learn that method by doing this QAL, it would be so worth it.

So, try something new today. Commit yourself to doing something you've wanted to try for a while.


  1. See http://www.patchpieces.com/files/flyinggeese.pdf for instructions on how to do no-waste flying geese.

    1. Thanks, Afton. I've always been a wasteful goose maker. I hope this tutorial will help.

  2. It is a great QAL! I thought about joining but just don't have the time to commit to it :( At least until I finish up the other two quilt alongs I am doing LOL. Great thing about it is that it will still be there if I decide to jump in later.

    And I was just thinking this week that I wish I had more Madrona Road yardage :)


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