Sunday, August 4, 2013

I made some stuff today

I finally got over to the sewing machine today and made some stuff.

Simply Solids Puce Group August block

Thank you block

 The Thank you block is supposed to be snail trail, but I messed up. I was trying to make a 6" block and there weren't directions for a 6" block, so I tried to make my own. In doing so, I didn't line up the final triangles where they were supposed to go - but I think it looks fine - just lacking the spiraling effect that you get when you do it right. No big. Whatevs.

The bee block was time consuming and made a lot of green scraps. I hope I can use them in something else - although, that something else will have to be small to use these little green scraps.

I did get a new toy this weekend: a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I like it. I bought it for the tax-free holiday that we have in New Mexico. It's always fun to get something on the tax-free weekend.

I hope you were productive or had a nice relaxing weekend.

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  1. I love those solids blocks! I always love the stuff other ppl make with solids but I never want to work with them myself.


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