Thursday, August 8, 2013

So, you wanted to see my stash...

Okay. I'm not really happy with these photos. But here it is. Where the magic happens.

my stuff

a box with scissors and cheap, fat quarters

this is a box full of kona solids that I use for the simply solids bee

this is one of the many scrap bags that I have. When I start a new project, I put all of the featured fabrics into a plastic bag so that I have all of the fabrics together.

this is a box of fat quarters (there are also a few fat eighths of Glimma). I have some Geekly Chic  mustaches and Riley Blake Chevrons and some other stuff in there. It's all in a jumble, but I know where it is.

close up of the fat quarter box. I can see some Architextures hiding in there...

this is an important bag - this is my stash of charm squares - I have some solids and some Oh Deer and Bungle Jungle and Mod Century and Simply Color and some batiks, too.

this is a box that holds project/scrap bags and the little yardage that I have.  You can see some Star Trek fabric there in the center.
And that's it. I don't really have that much. I usually end up buying material for each project, and until I have more space (any space) to store my materials they will just end up here in my kitchen/dining room corner. All of it has to go into boxes, now, too because my dog is a goat and will eat fabric if/when she finds it.

Thanks to Sarah at Sarah Quilts for letting me come clean about my little stash - it's not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean (I think I've heard that before...) Link up if you want to show off your fabric hording skills.


  1. I want a stash of charm squares! Love this!

  2. I'd much rather have a good variety of smaller cuts than having to buy half yards all the time. I laughed a little at the Goat-Dog comment lol

  3. Fat eighths! I'm sayin'. Why aren't there more fat eighths out there? Or fat eighth swaps? It's my current favorite cut. I bought a bundle of Lizzy House fat eighths last winter and I made a whole quilt out of them and am still riding high on the scraps. Thanks for showing us your stash! I see lots of pretties there.

  4. Thanks for sharing - glad to see someone else's stash isn't enormous and beautifully arranged :-)

  5. Awesome, Green! I love that you have a charm square collection- I think precuts are so fun and I wish more companies would do them. It's a great way for us online shoppers to get to see a collection without committing. And it is absolutely hilarious that you need to keep your fabric away from your goat-dog. :)

    Thanks for being a good online friend. :)

  6. That's a great stash! I think I would buy for projects if there were any good fabric stores locally. Two weeks waiting on shipping is too long when I get the urge to stitch LOL

  7. Better a goat-dog who eats your fabric than a leaky cat who pees on it! Guess which problem I have... Not pleasant. LOL

  8. I see that you have some star trek fabric in your too, I made my mum a kindle cover with it :-) Great minds think alike - i saw your post from today :-)


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