Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tablet protection

I made a cool thing this afternoon. I like it so much that I'm gonna make one for myself tonight with a few tweeks. I made a tablet case for my MIL's Samsung Galaxy 2!

the back
The front

The inside

Inside under the tablet
I used this tutorial from Clover & Violet and just sized it for the Galaxy 2.

The outside is a block that I made from Pile 'o' Fabric's Modern BOM. I had sized it down and didn't make anymore, so I just had this random block lying around.  My MIL really likes the color green, so I thought that would be a great block to use.

I'm planning to use some Glimma fat eighths for mine. I'll have pictures for you soon. I'm going to add an extra flap and some stiffer cardboard to mine so that it will function as a stand, also. I can't wait.

Gonna get started.


  1. Oh, this is great! I passed my Kindle to my son and I could make one of these in some boyish fabrics for him!

    :) Kelly


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