Saturday, May 4, 2013


I love Saturday. I love a day where I can (sort of) do whatever I want. I have some sewing planned for today, but I usually like to have no plan and just fly by the seat of my pants (pajamas?).

I can't wait to start on some paper-piecing and some FMQ-ing on my broken dishes quilt. I also would love to have time to go to Joanne's to pick up some more Kona solids for my solids bee.

I got some lovely gifts for my birthday. I think people were under the impression that my "greeness" extended to my thumbs, because I got a huge geranium plant from work and my father got me an Italian Heather plant. Oh, and my mother-in-law got me a tiny rose plant that can be planted in the garden as well. I guess I have to work in the garden a little today. I also got a DVD of vol 1 of Pinky and the Brain and a DVD of Jab Tak Hai Jaan - a new (newer) Bollywood movie staring my favorite actor, Shahrukh Khan. Here is a clip:

I love Bollywood movies. They are long, so you feel like you get your monies worth, they have singing and dancing, they have really dramatic, soap-opera-type-melodramatic acting, which I love and they have SRK!!!

I hope to be able to watch some of my new movie today.

Happy Birthday!

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