Thursday, May 30, 2013

New project???

Have you ever started working on something and then decided that the technique or the sewing you were doing was not right? You know you're gonna have to rip it out anyway, so what did you do? Did you get the seam ripper out right then and get ripping? Did you step away from the sewing machine completely, or did you stop what you were doing and redirect your focus to another project?

This happened today:

 I wanted to try out a quilt as you go technique.
As I started, I realized that I didn't want to
qayg on these blocks. I didn't know what I was
thinking. I got as far as outlining the spinner
in the center of this one block and decided, "NO!
I'm going to do something else.
(Later tonight I will be ripping this quilting and being mad at myself for not thinking this plan through - ugh!)
And then, this happened:

I'm so much happier with these blocks made from
the scrappy strip sets that I scrapped from the first
incarnation of the sparky quilt that you see above.
When I started Sparky, I put together some strip
sets of colors that I thought went well together.
After I had my strip sets made, I looked at them together and was like, "no way! These look horrible together. I can't do that." There was only one strip set that looked good and that was the one above. The reason it worked so well was that it had a solid strip of green at the top to bring the other two patterns together. I went with that idea and got some really great blocks out of it. I will be making my first tutorial out of those blocks later in June. (I'm so excited!!!)

So, I now have another project that I'm working on. The list of UFOs increases daily. I thought I would get a break now that I'm not working outside my house, but these quilting days are turning into a full time job. I don't know how I did it before.

More tomorrow. The adventure continues!!!

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