Friday, May 31, 2013

Another and another

Has anyone ever known that you quilt or knit or make something and they decide (quite randomly, I might add) that they are going to purchase something from you. Yet, they have never seen your work and you think they may be expecting something very different than what you tend to make?

This is all cryptic, maybe, but my mother told me yesterday that my aunt wants to buy a baby quilt from me once she knows if the baby she is buying for is a boy or a girl. Now, this is great - it would be my first quilt sale. However, I don't have baby quilts lying around - I would have to make some. Also, my aesthetic is not to make "boy" or "girl" baby quilts. I tend to make bright color, unisex, baby quilts. Modern baby quilts. I use black and white and high contrast colors for baby quilts since that's what babies can see. So, I decided that I wanted to make a herringbone baby boy quilt (I'm calling it baby boy, but it could be for a girl). I cut 2" strips of several of my very special fabrics last night and I'm a little bothered by it because I thought, what if she is expecting something very different and doesn't want to give my version of a baby quilt away? What if she doesn't buy it? I suppose I need more direction, but what is a designer/artist/crafter to do? I didn't intend to make a baby quilt right now, much less two and I wasn't aware that I was making commissioned items currently. I could just go to Jo-Ann's and get some less-than-special fat quarters and make two less-than-special baby quilts. It's just so not who I am right now. I wanted to only make things that I want to make and if I wanted color direction, I would specify that on etsy. I also have no problem making something if someone buys the materials for the project. I've knitted many a Harry Potter scarf.

On a lighter note, I want to make an, I think it's called an arrow quilt? It has triangles and it's really awesome. I was trying to think of how they are made and I figured it out in my sleep last night. I really want to start on it today, but I've got my daughter all day (two days a week, she spends the afternoon with her Bubbe) today and I need to think of something for us to do. Plus, I really need to wear out the dog. The poor puppy has so much energy and needs an outlet so she doesn't drive us all nuts in the evenings. Maybe a trip to Wal-Mart is in order to get ...bleeeeeck... baby quilt fabric?

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