Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WsIP... but finished tops

*** I have to use this post again because I recently got a virus on my computer and have no access to my photos. -will post more later when I get my machine cleaned later today. Green***

Today I've got baby quilts on my mind. I'm sandwiching my girl baby quilt and my boy baby quilt tonight and I can get started on the quilting tomorrow. I hope to have them both finished by Friday for a fabulous finish into the weekend.

Here are both tops completed:
Baby girl quilt
Baby boy quilt
They are both made with HSTs, just different configurations. I'm not sure now if my aunt is going to buy one of these quilts. My mother told me that my aunt wanted to buy a baby quilt from me once she knew the sex of the baby. I started making these more traditional kind of baby quilts for that specific purpose and now she may not buy one??!!?? Oh well. If she doesn't buy one, I'll just post them on etsy. They were really fun to make so far. I'm just going to do some stitch in the ditch quilting to keep them puffy - thinking about using a high loft, poly batting for these as well. The poly batting is warmer (so I understand). They are pretty small, but I remember that I didn't want to take a giant, full-sized quilt when I had my daughter - these are the perfect size for cuddling with in the carseat or stroller.

I'm also working on the quilted bag for my MILs Samsung Galaxy II Tablet. I'm still contemplating putting in the lining and all of that - my brain gets so confused about which to flip inside out, which side to put the velcro tab, and all that...

I've also been obsessed with knitting socks. I started a pair for myself with Loops and Threads luxury sock yarn (60% fine merino superwash/30% nylon/10% cashmere) in Ocean colorway. These are toe-up socks and I'm actually getting pretty fast knitting on the size 1 needles. I spotted an awesome pattern on knitty for some double heelix socks that I'm itching to make. How cool are those?

So much to finish... Linking up with Freshly Pieced and crazy mom quilts.

Make something!


  1. Oh my gosh I get really confused about linings and backwards or inside out things too! It's the worst. I have a bag right now that is almost done but I'm putting off the last steps for that exact reason.

  2. have fun quilting these lovely quilts :-)

  3. Both of those quilts are adorable!
    Have fun!

  4. Very cute baby quilts! I'm sure that they will make their way to a new owner sooner than later :)

  5. I have heard that summer is the best time to knit socks, because they are small and don't make you hot while you knit. And then October comes and hey presto you have like four new pairs of socks. I've only done one pair so far but it's enough to make me obsessive. :) LOVE that heelix pattern, it's going in the queue. Not going to lie, of course I like the little girl quilt better than the little boy quilt. You did a good job on both, but I think how you sorted out the colors of the HSTs for the girl quilt is smart. And I am a little bit of a girly girl...

  6. Both of your quilts are so lovely - and your HSTs are perfect! Good luck with your socks and hope everything works out with your computer!

  7. Love both quilts! The baby girl quilt is so sweet and the baby boy quilt is so playful. They will make their way to a little one soon.

  8. The baby girl quilt is so pretty. What a great choice of colours.


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