Saturday, July 13, 2013


Tonight is the opera. Today I'm having lunch with a HS friend. I just don't see much sewing getting done today. I can/will take my sock with me to knit on at lunch and the car ride up to Santa Fe for the opera. I should stop in at Michael's and pick up the #2, long circulars to knit two at a time toe up socks.
my messy workspace

working on the patchwork outer

quilting started

outer, inner and zipper

I started my quilted tablet case/pouch last night. The front is all Simply Color patchwork and the lining is some very cheap, Wal-Mart fat quarter. I can't decide whether to use a velcro-tab closure or put in a zipper. Decisions, decisions. I'm gonna look for some fabric to make my messenger bag - I usually buy fat quarters, but the bag needs some larger pieces. I'm gonna get a couple of half yards for it.

I hope ya'll get some sewing/project time in this weekend between all of your fun  plans.

Sew on!

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  1. I like those blues and greens together, it's looking good so far! ;-)


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