Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday stuff

Hola! I have been trying to get to the sewing machine all day to no avail. I cut some strips last night:

because I wanted to make this, or something like it.

But I just can't get to the machine.

The quilting on my butterfly garden quilt is stalled. I did four blocks and couldn't do anymore.

I helped a friend make her Halloween costume over the weekend. I sewed up a hood thing for her Ezio Auditore costume. When I get photos of her in it, I will post.

I've got a bag of tulle and satiney material for a fairy princess costume to be worked on as well. When am I going to do any of this? Tonight. I promise. Tonight I will work on... something.

I saw this cool black widow spider yesterday. It caught a grasshopper. It's not there today, I don't know if my husband killed it or not. But it was quite Halloweeny

a good shot of the red on it's belly

she kept lifting the grasshopper up - amazingly strong creature

scary spider, beautiful, but scary

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  1. write very calmly about that black widow, maybe it comes with the territory! Fabulous pics! My boys really thought that was cool. Fun Halloweeny fabrics...hope you find some sew-jo this week!

  2. Yikes! Great pic, but scary!!! Loving those strips, especially the glasses and skulls. Too fun:)

  3. that black widow is so cool. I hope your hubby didn't kill it! Thanks for the link to the bat mini, super cute :)

  4. Love the spider pictures! The barn bats is an interesting pattern.

  5. You won the t-shirt mug rug! Just email me so that I can send it to you! Congratulations!!


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