Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My lovely sewing machine that I do all of my projects on has died. I have been trying to resuscitate her for the last week to no avail. My biggest problem is that I am cheap frugal cheap and I only paid $80 for the machine. If I take it into the shop, they will probably charge me that just to open the case.

I'm pretty handy and I've taken most of the machine apart several times, but I can't see any problems, there isn't any thread stuck anywhere that I can see and the timing doesn't seem to be off. I can't turn the hand wheel without using an incredible amount of force. The motor is working, but the machine is just stuck somewhere. I will continue to look for the problem, and I'm also ordering a new machine. That new Brother machine won't be here for about five days.

UGH! I have so many things I need to work on and want to work on. I guess I'm just on hold until I fix my Singer or get my new Brother machine.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix my current machine, I would greatly appreciate any tips.



  1. That is SO sad! I'm so very very sorry!!! Enjoy your Brother!!

  2. Ugh! How awful! I hate being without a sewing machine. :-(
    Hope your newest baby gets delivered soon... no pun was intended...just came out that way. LOL!

  3. You're already way ahead of me for just trying to take it apart. I'm crossing my fingers for you though!


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