Saturday, June 22, 2013


I promised myself to get some sewing in today. I've been sick and have also been watching my daughter and it is not so easy. (cry me a river, right?)
So! Today, my husband took my daughter to the children's science museum which she loves. I was not invited. I will stay home and do my sewing and not speak to anyone and try to recover my voice as it was lost somewhere...

I will post some photos later.

I have been checking out the blogs on the let's get acquainted new blogger blog hop and there are some truly fabulous, brilliant quilters out there - amazing people, too. Check out this week's authors:

Leigh Anne @ Ella's Cottage

Stacey @ The Tilted Quilt

Sarah @ Quilt Candy

Jackie @ NW Patchwork

Erica @ Happy Fabric

Stephanie @ Simple Sewendipity

Lauren @ Seraphym

To be continued...

Okay... I did get some work done. Here are the shots:

Herringbone cowl - in progress, but Erin the Zebra likes it so far

Baby girl quilt top ready for quilting and binding

working on Stamp blog hop block - top secret

part of Stamp blog hop block - shhhh!

 I got my Stamp block underway. I love it! I also got that albatross of a baby quilt (girl flavor) top finished. Yes! Now I just have to work on the baby quilt (boy flavor), finish my stamp block, finish my curvy block (and decide a use for that). I also want to make a sample block for the Simply Solids bee for next month - my month.

Okay, gotta get the dinner on.

Enjoy your weekend!

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