Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February is almost over

The month is coming to an end and, luckily, I finished a small project for the year of fabulous finishes. I'm looking forward to next month where is is my month to be Queen Bee of the Simply Modern Bee and I'll be receiving a bunch of quilt blocks in the mail - so excited!!

I just purchased a bunch of fabrics for some upcoming projects that I want to make. Here's what I ordered:

I want to use the Comma and the Opulent Cosmopolitan to make a stretched star for a friend of mine that is a master crafter. She really likes the color green.
I want to make another chevron quilt with the flirt and the simply color but I might just make some smallish things with those.
The Comma and Flirt are mini charms so they are pretty small squares - the Simply Color and Opulent Cosmopolitan are charms.

I wish I had more time to sew and sew and knit and sew and buy fabric... Just dreaming...

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