Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, Monday

Hi there. I hope someone is reading this.

I got a little bit of sewing finished this weekend and I decided that I need to make another nine blocks for my Go Boldly Star Trek quilt. I also decided that since I need to make nine blocks I need to change up the design of my blocks so that I can get the darn thing finished by Christmas. Right now, since I am just winging it with the log cabin blocks, it can take an hour per block because I only cut one layer of blocks at a time. My new plan is to create about three more log cabin blocks and make the other six blocks strip blocks and then make sure each block has a border around it, so that they all look a little bit log cabin-y. That way I don't have to sash between the blocks, either. I think it will be good and the quilt should be around 65 x 45 and then I might add a little bit of fabric to the width so that it measures more like 52 inches.

Then I have to work on the back, so I'm really hoping to finish the top this week so I can plan and execute the back this weekend.

Stay calm and sew on!


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