Friday, November 1, 2013

Finish Friday - I Fixed My Sewing Machine

I wanted to post about fixing my sewing machine. It was a labor of love that I did out of frugality. I have never been afraid of looking inside of machines and figuring out how they work - I'm a bit of a grokker. I like to understand the "why" and the "how" of things. Once I opened up the sewing machine I was a little surprised - it is such a simple machine.

I thought I needed to open the whole case, but I just needed to open the bottom.

This was such a learning experience for me - and I forgot how accomplished I feel when I can understand something that many others do not.

I learned that when you think your machine is broken, it probably just needs cleaning and oiling. It is unlikely that a part is broken, but it can happen. The part that would break most often is the belt, or a plastic gear.
I learned about the timing of the machine and that is a simple adjustment of a screw lining up the needle and the hook, so that the hook is grabbing the thread after the needle is leaving the race. In fact, most new machines have a timing notch or lines marking the timing on the needle bar so that you can see the position the needle should be in as it's leaving the race.

My problem wasn't the timing, but I had a gear that needed cleaning near the race - there was a lot of cotton fluff that I blew out with a can of air. Then I removed the old grease with WD-40 and cleaned the gear really well and then I reoiled the gears and the race and it's working great, now.

If you ever need help with your machine, just let me know, I may be able to troubleshoot with you. Linking up with crazy mom quilts.

Now, make something - but clean your machine first!


  1. I'm totally impressed!

  2. Yay…glad you have your machine back in working order and impressed that you did it yourself. LIke you, I enjoy taking care of my machine by myself (until I'm ready to throw it against the wall and then it goes into the shop).

  3. Wow. Seriously would never even consider doing this. :)

  4. Love your Halloween decorated table and how awesome that you fixed it yourself! very cool.

  5. Good reminder. I need to clean my machine.

  6. Wow, too cool! I love to tinker with sewing machines too, although I have always thought adjusting the timing was WAY out of my skill set - maybe I should read up on that! After all, I did just buy a gorgeous vintage 1950 Swiss Elna that needs a little TLC ...


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